What we do falls under fairly conventional headings like teamwork, innovation, coaching, and presentation skills. The way we do it may be a bit less conventional.

We don’t think anyone would accuse us of having a formulaic approach but there are some rules of thumb we find useful in helping people to respond to themselves and colleagues with energy and creativity.

  • We try not to get too heady in the way we work. We’re not likely to draw you diagrams or worry too much about what Myers-Briggs profile you are.
  • We’ll listen to the challenges you face and will set up exercises and activities that let you (and your team) discover new ways of working.
  • We will resist the temptation to pose as experts who will give people “the answer”. Instead, we’ll be looking for ways to support them in discovering it for themselves. We’ll aim to create enough structure and support to let that happen.

Or in short: we’re part fly, part ointment.